Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Chain of Command - Capture the Bridge #2

Round #2 of the CoC scenario that I played last week, this time with an opponent who unsportingly didn't let me win!

I had planned to revamp the scenario from last week's game (attacking a German bridgehead over an unnamed Russian river) and shift the period to the Spanish Civil War but before I knew it the week had passed and I didn't really have time to rummage around and sort out the Spanish armies so the game became essentially a straight refight.

This time I took the German defenders while Keith led the Soviets in an attack to capture a bridge.  The layout was broadly the same as last time with a slight rearrangement of woods and buildings, but nothing significant.

The German defenders
...and the Soviet attackers
As usual the early deployed  forces quickly grabbed what cover they could and exchanged fire from buildings but the game did see an early arrival from both sides armour.  The Soviet BA10 quickly sped down the road and engaged the German Pz38 that had turned up.  A couple of rounds of fire ensued which looked to be going to Germans way until a devastating shot from the AC's gun knocked the Panzer out...disaster!!

The doomed Pz38
...and its nemesis, the BA10
The deployed infantry units continued to exchange fire with Keith's unit holding the centre taking a lot of 'Shock' points but still managing to hold on, largely due to the arrival of his Senior Commander who presumably did a lot of close range shouting.

On the German right I deployed another section ready to face a couple of German sections that were creeping through the woods very sneakily. 

I was now very worried about the Soviet armour (they also had a T26 which had arrived but was leaving all the fighting to the Armoured Car) and deployed my Panzerbusche team who tried a couple of shots into the ACs flank without success.  Unfortunately this drew lots of MG fire and eventually they were knocked out too, leaving me with little that could damage the German armour.

Keith's units in the wood bravely charged out to take on the Russian section on my left in hand to hand combat.  A brave attempt since success would have opened up this flank and cleared the way to the bridge but the Soviets were hit hard by the supporting MG fire (and some rubbish dice) and broke and ran.

My last attempt to gain some ground was a brave/stupid deployment of my last section in the open in full view of the BA10.  Somehow my luck held... the AC didn't manage to fire and Keith failed 3 times in a row to deploy his remaining section which could have proved devastating if it had arrived (I presume they were somewhere behind the lines with a cache of vodka!).  My section ran into the cover of the woods, seizing one of the German Jump off points in the process and beginning to threaten the German flank.

...Run!...there's an AC coming!!
At this point we called it a night... the Germans had managed to hold off the attackers and the bridge remained in their hands.  The Soviets however were in a stronger position with 2 armoured units on table which were looking pretty invulnerable and one remaining unit off table which might eventually turn up.  The attackers had one section broken and 1 pretty beaten up while I'd lost 1 section, my tank and anti-tank team and both sides morale was even and getting dangerously low.  Overall probably a draw but with the Soviets better poised to win the day.

A fun game with a result suitably different to last weeks game to show up elements of the rules.  I will try something similar with the SCW armies to see if the earlier period makes a difference but my next thought has been to look at the CoC rules that appeared in the Too Fat Lardies last Xmas Special which had a Great War adaption and see what can be done with my Russian Civil War armies which have languished in the loft for too long.

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  1. A very good game indeed. Some poor dice from Alastair in terms of shooting, however some poor dice from me in terms of command dice and I was unable to really do what I wanted despite gaining some double 6's which gave me a great incentive. Bringing on the head man didnt help either. It kept some troops in place (removing shock), however I couldn't bring the rest of my items off or order other units (tanks) to move forward and cause some damage.
    Once Id created enough shock my charge might of worked!

    Good fun game and rules!