Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Twitter again...

Just over a month ago, prompted Henry Hyde's articles in Miniature Wargames with Battlegames, I posted about being inspired to set up a Twitter account and added a feed to the sidebar on this blog.  At the time there were a few nay-sayers (well ok, one... yes that's you Stephen...) who questioned the point of it.

Today I can confirm that Twitter does seem one of the most pointless forms of media yet! 

I followed a few people and businesses but didn't learn much that I wouldn't have picked up just as quickly from websites and blogs etc.  The only time it came in handy was when my son was off in Iceland and the school Geography department were able to keep us up  to date with photos etc showing us where the money for the trip had been spent! 

I can see the point where there is a group project that's fairly fast moving and where quick updates are useful, but for most other things it all seemed a bit... dull...

So, Stephen was right and the Twitter feed has gone.  I still have the account but don't really look at it very often.  I can't help feeling I missed something....


  1. I also set up a Twitter account for about a week so I could follow an author friend but I found that all I got was lots of stuff from other people appearing on my page over which I had no control. I too felt I must have missed something too but then thought, no,its only any use for celebrities to use to get stuff into the press. For normal people - pointless!

  2. Same here. I setup an account to see what it was all about and agree not impressed.