Monday, 25 November 2013

Reviewing the masterplan

So just over a year ago I tried rather vainly to map out a bit of a plan about projects I'd been working on.  Hmmm... I wonder if I met any of my goals [anyone who knows me will know how naïve that last statement is!]

 These were the plans which were top of the pile
  • Samurai ... 6mm Baccus figures...erm...nope...nothing!!  On the other hand I did get completely waylaid by Ronin which is also Samurai [albeit a bit bigger]... can I count that as a success??
  • Franco-Prussian/Risorgimento/Franco-Austrian... 6mm ... yay!  I did actually play a few games with these.
  • 6mm Zulus/British.... nope...untouched all year, but the new Black Powder supplement may well inspire me.
  •         SAGA ...nope
  • Musket and Tomahawk... had a couple of games of this... why haven't I played these more??
  • Force on Force – Afghanistan... now here's something I have actually played a lot...either Modern or Vietnam.  We also tried out the playtest rules of their new WW2 variant.
  • Ottomans/Hungarians... no... languished unpainted and unplayed. I did however get a set of Hail Caesar which I'm thinking of using with my Swiss and Italians
  • WW2...we'd had a plan to use the small collection of 28m figures with Kampfgruppe Normandy or Normandy Firefight.  Neither of these have happened but in the meantime Chain of Command have come along and really impressed me.  Since I already had some 28mm and 6mm WW2 figures, the logical thing to do was ignore these completely and go for 15mm!!!  I'm currently painting up some Early War Germans and Belgians for CoC.
  • Spanish Civil War... haven't done anything but CoC looks like it would work really well for this too.
  • AK47... again untouched but... you guessed it... we're going to try CoC for this period too.
  • Russian Civil War/Back of Beyond... I did actually dig these out and had a really good game of Triumph and Tragedy but haven't played this since... must have another game.
 Apart from Ronin, the other big distraction has been In Her Majesty's Name which took up quite a chunk of time with painting and building scenery, so not entirely unproductive but clearly making plans and sticking to them isn't my strong point

I'm going to avoid making too much of a plan this time but it looks like Chain of Command is the next big thing for a number of periods along with a strong showing from Force on Force.

Mind you the next game I have lined up is Sharp much for project management.....

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