Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Milestones... One year and 50 posts

It kind of crept up on me but I realised after putting up my last post yesterday that it was my 50th post!

Then I also realised that the blog has been going for 1 year today!!!

Many thanks to everyone who has viewed, followed or commented... when I started it I really thought that the only viewers would be me and the dog (he's a big fan!).   I'm now approaching 17k views and nearly 50 followers.... small fry compared with many, I know, but it always amazes me that anyone stops by so many thanks again.



  1. Always a good read and nice eye candy
    Peace James

  2. Thanks for the good wishes folks!

  3. Excellent! We must have another game of something soon. Maybe IHMN as I haven't played it yet!

    1. Hi Stephen. That'd be good. I'll drop you an email and maybe we can squeeze in a game in between your jaunts!