Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dipping the toe....

Having read various blogs over the years I've been increasingly tempted to put something together and see how easy/difficult this blogging lark really is.  How knows?... this may turn out to be a one week wonder but hopefully will be somewhere I can set out some game reports and musings about projects that I'm dabbling with.

Most of my gaming takes place at Guildford Wargames Club... a fairly loose collective of gamers rather than a structured club with a really wide range of games going on amongst a core of FoG/DB-something.  Occasionally I'm given a damn good beating by my son at home but mostly I lose at Guildford.

My wargaming tastes...?  Eclectic just about covers it!  Current faves include the mid 19th Century shenanigans of the Franco-Prussian/Austro-Prussian/Franco-Austrian wars, etc. using Black Powder, modern Afghanistan with Force on Force and the French Indian Wars with current rules du jour... Musket and Tomahawk.  I've also just discovered the FFG X Wing game of which more later. 

There's a lot of others bubbling away in the lead vats in the loft and I guess this blog is an attempt to try and get these into some kind of order.

Anyway enough of the waffle... post no. 2 coming up!!

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