Sunday, 6 November 2016

Updates and Congo

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post.  In that time I've managed to squeeze in a couple of games.

Down at Guildford we started another Heroes of Normandie mini-campaign:  previously we've played through the D Day campaign so this time we've stepped back a few hours and are playing the Sainte-Mere Eglise campaign. The opening game has the US pathfinders trying set up their Holophane signalling lamps and activate their radar to guide in the Paratroopers.  Luckily the Germans were a bit more alert than usual and had some Panzergrenadiers in the area.  As usual with the the scenarios from this excellent game it was a close run thing the Pathfinders succeeded in setting up the lamps and would have activated the radar if a plucky German soldier hadn't take them out with a  well-placed grenade in the last but one turn...unfortunately he paid the ultimate price and was caught in the blast but I reckon an Iron Cross was on its way to his grieving family!  The result of the German victory is that the Paratroop drop over Sainte-Mere Eglise in the next game will be much more dispersed.

I also took part in another big ECW game at Eric the Shed's.  As often happens in these big games you end up losing track of what's happening elsewhere on the table and focus on your own part of the battle.  On my flank we tussled over a village which I managed to hold although ultimately both opposing battalions wore each other out and broke.  My cavalry refused to even turn up for half the game and when they did, again both sides managed to exhaust themselves but at least this left our centre in a position to roll up the Royalist flank by the end of the evening.  As always, great fun with an excellent array of figures.

I have actually done some painting!!  A while ago I'd made a start by undercoating my African tribe figures but hadn't done much more.  They're now pretty much complete...must give them another outing...

Musket armed natives

The entire force

The Chief and his Witchdoctor

I've also made a start painting some of the figures form the Conan boardgame but I'll write more about these in a separate post.


  1. Nice stuff and I am intrigued by the game but must not start another period.

    Oh, and kudos for recommending Preacher, I watched it all over three nights.

  2. These are great! I intend to dig out some figures I have painted and see if I have enough for a force or two.

  3. Busy man! Heroes of Normandie is another game on the wishlist. As for your Congo figs...great choice (I've also used the Copplestone Ngoni for my African Kingdom) and nice paint job!

  4. cant wait to see your painted Conan figures...shout when you want to give it a whirl...