Thursday, 29 September 2016

In which Work gets in the way of gaming...

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.
Vincent Van Gogh

Another lull in blogging I'm afraid as urgent reports for work mean long days sat staring at the laptop which, in turn, means I'm less inclined to then sit down and do more stuff on the laptop later in the evening.  The plans and reports are all done now so hopefully there will be a bit of a break...of course there's always the danger that they'll expect me to actually do something with the plans I've written!

I'm off to Edinburgh for work in a couple of weeks which will also give me a chance to pop over to Glasgow to see family briefly...a nice perk of a long trip for a meeting.

The last couple of weeks have also seen the departure of my son to Uni in the wilds of Wales which has been hard and has meant a bit of readjusting at home.  Last week he was at the Societies Fair to join some clubs...I asked about the Uni wargames club and all he would say was that there was no mistaking who they were (but not in a good way!)...I don't think he'll be joining.  When I was at uni the Wargames club effectively ran the overarching Societies Committee which gave us our own office and storage in the Students Union and funded a few Cheese and Wine evenings through creative (and absolutely legal) use of the Clubs & Societies system ! 

Never, ever (and I can't stress this highly enough) ever, watch Toy Story 3 when your son has just left for uni...sob.....

Image result for toy story 3 andy so long partner

I have squeezed in a bit of painting, or at least undercoating, and have based and sprayed my next force for Congo.

I have also managed a couple of games however.  At Guildford I played Black Ops for the 2nd time, effectively re-running a variant of the scenario I'd played a little while ago ( link ).  This time the special forces were tasked with setting explosives on the at the oil plant and escaping.  They successfully managed this and wiped out the rebel forces and reinforcements before the 2nd wave of reinforcements managed to inflict serious casualties on the last turn of the game.  A Special Forces victory but I think serious questions would be asked in the debrief.  Again the rules worked well and the game flowed really well.

Last week saw the debut of Eric the Shed's fantastic Zulu collection and I'm sure a post will appear on his blog soon.  A great game and very bloody...


  1. The Zulu game is now up on the blog...I know how you feel my daughter has also just departed for University and I miss her terribly

    Have fun in Scotland

  2. cool post, we threw a party the day our daughter left for uni :) :)

  3. My sons went off to the Military school in Dunblane, wish I had done it sooner :)