Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Mortimer's Cross

We managed to get away for a couple of nights at the weekend, making the most of our son's absence and avoiding the chaos that is our garden...several days of tree surgeons and gardeners are beginning to transform it from a jungle into somewhere we might actually be able to use, but it's quite wearing having them around every day! 

We had planned a couple of nights in Worcester seeing friends but couldn't anywhere that met all the criteria... nice food and drink, within a reasonable drive, and able to cope with our 2 dogs.  We ended up in Aymestrey in Herefordshire staying at the Riverside Inn ( Riverside inn ) which ticked all the boxes and is highly recommended.

Image result for riverside inn aymestrey#
Image result for riverside inn aymestrey#

While we were out and about in Saturday morning I realised that we weren't far from the site of the battle of Mortimer's Cross.  We then spent about an hour driving around before discovering that it was actually 5 minutes drive from the pub on the same road! 

The battle which was fought in February 1461 and saw Edward, Earl of March intercept and defeat a Lancastrian force led by Jasper Tudor.  It does seem to be one of the less documented battles with quite a bit of confusion on exactly where (or when)  it took place.  It's also noted for the appearance of a Parhelion in the sky.   We came across the monument to the battle opposite the local rugby fields (very handy for a mid-battle pie and loo-break)

Some inspiration for my (yet to be actually started) Lion Rampant project!


  1. Despite that I spent most of my life not that far away from there, I never visited the battlefield... yet I trekked to Towton several times.

    There's a train of thought that Edward deployed East to West from Cullender Coppice to the bridge (or along the B4362) between the high ground and the bridge and that the Lancastrians approached from the South, having avoided a small force near Leominster.

    Apparently the 'high road' from Central Wales (B4362) is bad going in poor weather even now and that the far easier route from Wales would have come along what is now the A44, before turning North onto Hereford Lane (a Roman road).

    1. Funny how we rarely visit the places that are on our doorstep...