Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cavalier 2014

My son and I ventured down to Cavalier in Tonbridge this morning.

About a year ago I posted a report on the show and, having re-read it the other day, I was generally disgruntled and unimpressed but couldn't pin down why.  This years show was broadly very similar but I came away much happier! Why?  I've no idea...maybe I just got out of bed on the right side!

The show takes place in the Angel Leisure Centre...I've always thought there's an ironic cruelty making us wargamers hang out in the same building as fit people!  The list of traders looked a bit thin this year and I was worried it might look a bit empty but it did feel as busy as usual.  TWWS had also decided to not hold a Bring and Buy this year: on their website they explain that the EBay effect has affected the quality of items and they've suffered from increasing thefts, as have a lot of other shows. It's a shame but I've certainly noticed the impact of EBay so I can understand why.

There were a number of games on, all of which were the usual impressive show standards...I've included a number of photos but as usual I struggled to remember who had put them on...apologies to anyone who I've missed out or miscredited!

The Battle of Cape St Vincent (Tonbridge Wargames Club)

Sunset over Shumshu: The Soviet invasion of the Kuril Island
of Shumshu in 1945 (Deal Wargames Club)

Tabletop Teasers On Tour 1709: Gentlemanly wargaming
in the Age of Marlborough and the Sun King (SEEMS)

Chrysler's Farm, 11th November 1813 (Southend and Rayleigh Wargames Club)

My shopping haul was relatively modest (as I explained to my wife when I got home!!) consisting of some new trees,  some additional vehicles for our French/Belgian Chain of Command forces, and  a Motorcycle section for the French...I'm not sure we needed them but we liked the idea of riding them around going "Brrrrrmmmmm....."!!

All in all a nice day's also given us some food for thought  for future projects and shopping lists....we've decided we need to be a bit more organised before we go to our next Show... Salute!


  1. Dont forget Broadside in June! Sittingbourne off the A249

  2. Never been to that one...I'll add it to the diary!

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