Saturday, 23 November 2013

You better not pout...

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting nervous...

My xmas shopping list this year is very light on wargaming fare... mainly because I have too much stuff that lies unpainted, including a lot of 6mm Samurai which I started a couple of xmases ago and after a good start haven't made any progress on for months.

Almost a year ago I'd gone through a plan of what I'd hoped to work on and what had been neglected and I'll give that a dust off tomorrow [although I suspect I know what I'll find!] and the Samurai certainly featured then.

On the list [which I'll have to casually leave lying around the house with big arrows pointing at it] are....

Fiends, Villains and Heroes... the new IHMN supplement which promises a whole new heap of suggestions for factions and groups.  I recently found a boxload of African explorers and Askaris who may well be drafted in as  Victorian adventurers so I'm hoping Africa is included in the book.

I've also just heard that Warlord Games are releasing a Zulu supplement for Black Powder.... my 6mm Zulus haven't had an outing for ages so this could be just what I need!

In other non-festive news, a friend very kindly passed on the box set from the recent Sedition Wars kickstarter.  This is a SF, horror 2 player skirmish type game which comes in a very hefty box.  I need to go through the box as apparently there were reports of parts being missing but so far it looks as though the components are all there.  These include a range of board tiles and factions including some very complicated looking multipart figures... I've stocked up on Superglue!!!

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