Sunday, 11 August 2013

On our hols...

Another scarcity of posts for a bit but this time I have an excuse!!

We're off on our holidays.... a few days in sunny Glasgow visiting the folks and catching up with friends (hi David!) and then off on our own for a week on the Moray coast

We've plans to do a lot of walking and somehow I've managed to convince everyone that a trip to Culloden is in order!   Not sure what else is around from a history/gaming point of view (apart from a shed load of castles of course) but my son has conveniently packed  of Kingmaker (his favourite game) so I suspect there may be hours of plotting and scheming if the weather closes in!!

I'll post something about Culloden if/when we get there.


  1. Falkirk Wargames Club meets on a Monday night if you fancy a game - I am sure we could fit you and your lad in

  2. Lots of picks from Culloden please!!!

  3. Cheers David. Don't think we'll have time to head over to Falkirk though. Currently sheltering from the howling winds after a bracing dog walk along the beach and losing badly in the ongoing Kingmaker game!

  4. Have a great time. I'm going to be going to Scotland a lot more as my daughter got her A level grades to go to Edinburgh University...